Creature Feature #1- SAMCA


Art by Radu Năstase @ Magic Mushroom Studios, especially made for

Since a lot of people have stumbled upon this blog while seeking info on Romanian mythology, I thought of doing this Creature Feature thing, so they could find what they were looking for. I also thought this could be perhaps of use for Horror and Fantasy writers.

So, inspired by a Marțolea track you can find posted here , I decided on writing about Samca.

A Samca is not someone you’d like to invite over for dinner or introduce to your parents on Christmas Eve as your wife to be. According to legend, she’s an unclean spirit, fierce and not particularly pretty: a naked woman, with extremely long hair, breasts that touch the ground, small eyes that shine like stars, iron hands, talons, and a tongue of fire. It’s pretty similar to mother-in-laws, only it can rarely be found in urban areas. It prefers the wilderness of Romanian woods.

Samca enjoys torturing women in labor, sometimes killing them. She also either kills their their children, or blesses them with a disease bearing her name. A children suffering from Samca will have seizures, cry all the time, sigh a lot  and eventually die. Its origins, as well as the origins of similar European malevolent creatures, probably spring from Lamashtu.

If one writes all of her names inside his house, Samca will not be allowed to enter. She is thought to be the wing of Satan, and she is said to have tried to kill baby Jesus, but was stopped by Michael ( the archangel, not Jackson). She can also change appearance, in order to deceive mortals.

There are certain spells used to banish a Samca or cure the disease inflicted by one, that  need to be done three times a day, three days a month, during three months.  Strong alcohol is used (why am I not surprised?) along with a broom straw, a needle and a whip that one found ( not bought, not received, but found). The diseased have to drink this strong alcohol and wash their body with it.

Some folklorists link Samca with Kuga, a Serbian mythological creature that personifies  the Plague, but which enjoys killing children as well. Samca could also be linked with a German creature called Frau Brechta mit dem Klumpfuß, according to Tudor Pamfile. I can’t find anything on Frau Brechta mit dem Klumpfuß, so I could use some help from German readers. Is this what I am looking for?


Coming next week – Pâca  – the spirit of tobacco. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Creature Feature #1- SAMCA

  1. Yes, Perchta seems to be the correct name. I can’t see any similarity with Samca though, as Perchat punishes the lazy but rewards the hard working, while Samca seems to just do evil for the sake of it.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, and I can’t find anything on Frau Brechta. Perhaps in older Folklore books? In the book I have, there are only a few lines about Samca being related to Frau Brechta.

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